Data Transport Solutions

Apogee Labs offers Data Transport solutions including Multiplexers/Demultiplexers, TMoIP serial PCM data input and output nodes, and Video nodes. Contact our technical team ( to learn how these products can satisfy your needs, schedule a demonstration, or review your unique requirements.

AL1020 AL1020 10 Channel Telemetry (TM) Serial Data Gateway
10 Channel PCM over IP w/ Built in BER, Secure (SNMP v2 and v3) Control, Flexible PCM Channel Setup (learn more…)

al4304 AL4301/4302/4304 Communications & Telemetry Mux/Demux
Modular rack mountable multiplexer that can accept many types of data (learn more…)

al4000 AL4000 Rugged Multiplexer
Smaller, tougher version of Apogee’s AL4300, suitable for Airborne & Harsh (learn more…)

al1110 AL1110/AL1111 & AL1122 Timed Data/Video Nodes
The AL1110 SPIN and AL1111 SPON are part of a series of Apogee Labs Data Network (learn more…)

AL1000 Series AL1000 Serial Data Gateway
1U chassis available in different configurations for telemetry over IP applications (learn more…)

AL2175 AL2175 Fiber Optic Data Link for Rockwell Collins Series RT-1939 Military Radios
Fiber Optic Mux/Demux that provides an isolated connection between two Rockwell Collins RT-1939 Military Radios (learn more…)

al4500 AL4500 Low Latency Video & Data Over Fiber Mux/Demux
Fixed configuration rack mountable multiplexer that can accept 8 PCM streams (learn more…)